Monday, October 4, 2010

SEO Integrated: Free Traffic Solution

There is no doubt that website traffic is critical to your business success. And free traffic beats everything else. And where’s the best place to get free traffic? Google and other search engines.

How does free search engine traffic work?

The process works in a way that you have experienced many many times. You visit your favorite search engine. Enter in a word or phrase you want to research. And click one of the links that shows up. Well, the link you clicked on just send free traffic to that website owner. So the real question is how you get that free traffic.
If you’re like most people you only click links on the first page or two. In fact, the first page of results receives almost all the free traffic. What’s even more amazing is the the first 3 links get more than 70% of the free traffic.
This means that to get any real traffic you need to be on the first page in Google. To do that, you need to be “ranked” in Google’s Top 10 results. And this bring us to…

What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a measure of how well Google and other search engines think your website matches the search terms people are typing into their search boxes. It’s a complex formula that only people working for Google know exactly. However, we do know a few things that count.

Getting indexed

Before your website can begin gaining ranking, you have to alert Google to it’s existence. This is called getting “indexed.” This is when Google looks at your site and take notes about it, which are stored in their database.
To get indexed, you have to help Google find your site. Getting a link from another site will accomplish this easily. Because Google already knows about these sites, it will follow the new links to you.
A couple of great places to do this are in your Twitter or Facebook profiles. Because these sites are indexed multiple times every day. And follows new links it finds immediately.

Gaining ranking

After getting indexed, you need to work on your search engine ranking. Google has billions of pages indexed, so just getting into their database does not mean anyone will see you.
Here’s what’s important in ranking:
  • Content
  • Links
  • Activity

Great content

This is the SEO you do on your site itself. And it means that the content on your page matches the keywords you’re targeting. Clearly this article is about search engine optimization. One reason Google knows this is because the words search engine optimization appear inside it. And another way this is determined is by the other related phrases like traffic generation that are also in the article.
In addition to the content on the page, other things to keep in mind are the title tags on the page, and the domain name itself. These all play a part in helping Google determine what your website is about.

Link strategy

The second factor is your linking. The links to your site, as well as the sites you link to are important. With inbound links, you want to have more coming in than going out. And the more inbound links the better.
One great way to get lots of inbound links is through web 2.0 sites. With this strategy what you do is write an article about the topic you’re targeting. Then create a bunch of different versions of it. And post unique versions to lots of websites that accept articles. The more sites you can do this for, the more links you’ll get back.

Increasing your activity

And lastly, it’s seems clear that Google expects important pages to be actively updated. You can’t just put up a page and leave it alone and expect it to rank well. Google expects you to be updating your site regularly. RSS feeds are an easy way to keep your content changing.
Another great way to keep your page content fresh is to enable comments on it and allow others to discuss your page topic. This means you need to get real live people to your site, as well. Online forums are simple source of real live visitors.
Set up forum profiles with the ones related to your website. And post their often. And link back to yourself in your signature file. This will get your more inbound links. And it also gets people to your web page.


All of the above is important. But let’s face it, writing multiple versions of the same article. And creating a bunch of forum profiles. And visiting all the sites to post up your comments and articles takes a really long time. Which means you probably won’t end up doing it.
The good news is that there are automated software programs out there that will do this for you. So, use your time wisely and automated to tedious tasks. This way you’ll actually do it. And not doing it means you will never get free traffic from Google.

Free Web Traffic System On Trial

Hi... Today while i'm surfing to find a free traffic system that can generate a lot of traffic to our website or blog, accidentally i found this site about pumping traffic to our site. I've sign up fo their account but it so soon to find out its working or not, so there's nothing i can't comment about it rite now.

I found this system divided into 5 steps.

This is what no one really knows how to do. In this step you will see how to construct traffic pumping keyword combinations formatted into powerful questions designed specifically to siphon massive traffic fast!
In fact, many online marketers don't realize the power of questions! Strategically designed questions that contain your top keywords or keyword phrases can be extremely effective when it comes to driving massive traffic to your websites in record time!
But, most importantly, these questions are also designed to attract laser targeted traffic of potential buyers that are looking for the exact solution your product or service can provide!

If you do not have a Gmail account, this step will show you how to do it. This may seem like a very trivial step in this system, but in fact, it's the most important!
This is where your traffic hub starts as well as where you will be receiving your new leads daily.

With this step you will learn how to get your traffic pump flowing. This step takes your new Gmail account to the next level.
Many newcomers to online marketing don't realize how many free and VERY powerful tools that Google provides. Google Alerts are no exception.
In this step you see how to setup your Google Alerts to pump laser targeted leads from the Google search index into your traffic funnel and ultimately to your website!

With this step, you will be shown how to maximize the return on your results so the work you did previously will give you top results.
In other words, this step ties it all together, forming a constant gushing pump of new, fresh, targeted leads into your inbox in mere minutes!

That's it for now, if you wanna try this system just visit
This is just another method to generate or make money online using web or blog with high traffic. Find out yourself either its just a scam or not!

The New Traffic Episode

Today i'm looking for the best traffic system that can create a set of highly targeted keywords and phrases that apply to my product and niche. Looking for everything that can show me how this is done.

I'm so lucky if i found something that get me to see exactly how to create this highly targeted list of keywords using free Google tools as well a few others that don't cost me a single penny!

This is a very important step most online marketers tend to skip over quickly, causing them to suffer huge losses in profits. But i will learn how to avoid this mistake, forcing me into profit from the start!

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